JUDr. Tomáš Těmín, Ph.D., attorney at law

The founder of the Attorney’s office Těmín s.r.o. graduated from the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Law in 2000, where he also later commenced of postgraduate studies in private law, with a specialization in a liability for damages and a defense in tax and commercial cases. In 2004 he acquired an academic degree Iuris Doctoris. He became an attorney at law in 2003.

Mr. Těmín approaches his clients in accordance with principles of loyalty, and he always does his best to protect his clients’ interests within the applicable law and principles of justice. He is being sought particularly for his advisory skills in criminal, mining law, restitution law and commercial law.

He also engages in publishing, since he contributes to professional journals with articles mainly about private law and civil proceedings. He also continuously cooperates with the Czech Radio and the Czech Television.

He is fluent in English, German and Russian language.

Mgr. Martin Kolář, attorney at law

He graduated from the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Law in 2013. He became an attorney at law in 2016.

Mr. Kolář has been with our office since he was a law student. He is specializing mainly in defense against unlawful actions of public bodies. He also engages in competition law, energy law, and is skilled in international arbitration law.

He is fluent in English and German language.

Mgr. Milan Jelínek, associate

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Mgr. Lenka Plecháčová, associate

She has graduated at the Faculty of Law Palacký University Olomouc in year 2017.

She worked in a Prague law firm specializing in debt recovery and criminal law during her studies. Besides, she has completed an almost two-year internship at the District Court in Olomouc. In Attorney’s office Těmín s.r.o., she specializes in contract law, debt recovery and GDPR issues.

She speaks English fluently.