Who we are

Attorney’s office Těmín s.r.o. is a dynamically developing attorney’s office in the centre of Prague, providing legal counseling and expert advisory throughout all branches of law. Its roots date as early as in 2011; formally it has been founded in 2012 by JUDr. Tomáš Těmín, Ph.D., an attorney with more than fifteen years of practice, and during its existence it achieved an esteemed position and earned the trust of a wide range of clients.

Our lawyers form a well-coordinated team capable of a flexible approach to problems throughout all legal branches. We specialize in commercial law, civil law, including heritage and family law, criminal law, mining law and human rights law.

We provide comprehensive legal advisory while always trying as hard as we can to meet clients’ requests and needs in the shortest time possible. We combine an individual approach with professionalism, foresight and hard-working. We provide the services for corresponding fees; however, we are also open to individual price arrangements.

Attorney’s office Těmín s.r.o. also cooperates with various experts, particularly distraining brokers, notaries and expert witnesses; at a request, we are able to arrange auditor’s or tax consultant’s services. In order to provide comprehensive services to our clients, we can procure other associated services, such as the recovery of trade receivables, founding or transformation of business companies, or drafting expert’s opinions for recovery of debts or claiming damages. In such cases, we are able to procure the services without any excessive interaction with a client, while maintaining a maximum respect for protection of client’s interests.

Even though, we are mainly focusing on the Czech law, given our long term partnership with lawyers abroad, we are able to provide legal counseling in respect to foreign and international law.